africa-icon Why Africa?


Orphans in sub-saharan africa


Kids orphaned from HIV/AIDS

8 in 10

Of HIV/AIDS orphans live in Africa


South Africa has the highest epidemic


Adults living with HIV/AIDS in Swaziland
(Highest % in world)

South Africa continues to have the largest HIV epidemic in the world, with over 5.6 million people living with HIV.  In Swaziland, a mere 2 hour drive from our location, 1 in 4 adults are HIV positive.  This is the highest adult HIV prevalence rate in the world.2

These numbers are staggering.  The effects of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa will be felt for generations to come.  Ten Thousand Homes exists to create a sense of Hope and Homes for the children growing up in the wake of the HIV/AIDS crisis.  We believe we can make a difference, one child at a time.

heart-icon Why Homes?


We are on a mission to build HOME. We recognize that homes are the backbone of a strong community. Providing HOME is more than putting a family in a house.  It is creating that sense of belonging that everyone needs and desires. It is a truth we can all embrace-we all want to know that we are loved.

Our vision is ordinary people making an extraordinary investment into the lives of the poor and vulnerable. While this vision is too large for us alone; we believe that everyone can play a part.  We invite you to come see for yourself and experience both the beauty and the heartbreak of the communities we serve.


Child Headed Households

In southern Africa, where Ten Thousand Homes began it’s work, families have been devastated by the plight of the HIV/Aids crisis. This crisis has left many young Africans prematurely filling the role of parent in what we call child headed homes. These child-headed families or child-headed households are families in which a minor (child or adolescent) has become the head of the household. We have a  mission to help and support these young families.

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