Empowering A Community

This year, 2020, has been one for the history books. The impact of this pandemic has reached people from every walk of life and every part of the world. COVID-19 has touched all of our lives, impacting us to varying degrees. Some have lost loved ones, jobs, homes. We feel like the fortunate ones. We are grateful for the privilege to help support those who are suffering through this season.
This past July our Ten Thousand Homes local partner Antony, CEO of Tumani Africa Foundation, told us the story of Charles. Charles lives in Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya and worked at a church in Kayole, but when COVID-19 hit, the church had to close, and he lost his job. Not only did that mean no money for their day-to-day living expenses, but it diminished the hope of fixing their house to make it suitable to live in. That resulted in Charles’ wife and kids needing to go live elsewhere for a few months. We knew right away that this was our next construction project, because it wasn’t just about making a house livable. It was about uniting a family. 
We had received a donation for a new roof. We believed that a roof would be enough to bring this family back together. 
What happened next is something we dream and pray for wherever we work. Antony, Nan-c, and the Tumaini members took that roof money and multiplied it. After contributing their own finances and labor, they not only put on a roof, but they added on another room to Charles’ house making it a two-room house with a small kitchen area.
What started out as a simple roof donation rallied a group of people around helping someone who needed it. It reunited a family so they could sleep under one roof together. And it empowered a community to do more than they thought they could.
That is powerful, life-changing stuff.
Antony and Nan-c lead Tumaini African Foundation in Kayole, located in Nairobi, Kenya. They care for the most vulnerable in their community. Ten Thousand Homes helps to fund their feeding program every Saturday.

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