heart-icon Our Mission

Ten Thousand Homes is a non-profit organization building hope and home for the world’s most vulnerable.

  • We build houses and other immediate basic needs.
  • We develop community care structures and programs.
  • We empower by providing quality training and economic opportunities.

home-icon Our Story

In 2005, we met a young 12 year old girl orphaned by the effects of HIV. As the leader of her child-headed home of four, we sat and asked questions. We wanted to hear her family’s story. When asked a simple question, “If you could have anything in the world what would it be? This young caregiver quickly replied, “A house!” And so it began. What started as fulfilling one simple wish for a house became so much more. People from all around the world have joined. Together we have grown from building houses, to providing care to these young families through community programs and centers, to training and development programs, to job creation and employment opportunities. We are amazed at all that the last 12 years have brought and at the same time, convinced this is just the beginning!

“Home is a place where you are known and loved.”

Lennon Malambe

We believe that HOME is more than four walls and a roof, but it’s a good place to start.