Ten Thousand Homes is a non profit bringing shelter, nutrition, and education to the most vulnerable of the developing world.

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Why Homes? Why homes?

HOME is central to everyones development. Home is where you belong. Where you come from. While four walls and a roof do not make a home, it is a great place to start. From day one our team noticed that many of the most vulnerable communities of the world were not helpless. The simply needed some help. They needed a little hope. So by suppling the basic needs of shelter, nourishment, education, and health care you are providing the most vulnerable communities with a precious commodity of hope. Making a way for them to build HOME. With your help, together we are literally BUILDING FUTURES.

  • Why Africa
  • Africa
  • Why Africa?

    In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 34 million children are growing up as orphans. Of those, more than 11 million are kids who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. For every 10 children in the world who have lost their parents to AIDS, 8 of them live in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Why Homes? Our Progress

  • 400

    More than 400 provided proper shelter

  • 10

    Community Care Centers Built caring for roughly 200 children each

  • 1.2 m

    Over 1 million nutritious meals

  • 1

    Training campus (uVillage) providing opportunities to over 1000 individuals since 2008

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The Circle of Kindness

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