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Jeanette’s Story

Jeanette moved to the township of Embonisweni, South Africa in 2015. As a single mother of four, she and her children came to this new community for a better life. Here she could live with her brother, a respected father figure in her life. Together they lived in a house that was little more than a single room with a lean-to on the side. 
Life as she knew it was shaken when her brother passed away in 2018. Piece by piece, her hope crumbled. Food was scarce, tragedies continued to strike one after another, and the grief was heavy. When all seemed lost, she attempted to take her own life. The hope she had when arriving in her new community was now a thing of the past.
Jeanette’s eldest daughter and son are now grown and her two youngest girls, who are still in school, stay with her. Security and proper shelter for her family were growing concerns. A few months ago, a local pastor visited her and saw her needs firsthand. A short time later she received word that a house was going to be built for her. With this news, a small spark was ignited in her heart — maybe, just maybe, there was still hope.
Through each step of this build, Jeanette’s hope was being built too. With every brick laid, every window set in place, and every piece of zinc roofing secured, the reality was solidified in her heart that this was her home. Jeanette says that this process reassured her that God still sees her and cares for her. 
Today, Jeanette is the proud owner of a safe place to call home that is big enough for her family. For her, this house is so much more than four walls and a roof. Thank you, your generosity is changing the world, one life at a time.

Location: Embonisweni, South Africa

Explore the map below to see the area where you made an impact! Please note that this map highlights the township where the home was built – it does not show the exact location in order to protect the privacy of the family.

Distance from Lubbock, TX: 9,574 miles

The construction crew

We’re grateful to have partners like you all across the globe who are committed to providing hope and home to the most vulnerable. A team of men from several different countries all fly to South Africa each year for a construction project, and this year they built Jeanette’s home. Jeanette’s oldest son and several other men from the area joined them. Together, their hard work and expertise saw the project through from digging the foundation to the welcome home party in just 2 weeks!

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Thank you for providing a safe home for Jeanette and her family!