You want to live in a world where every family has a home.

$10 buys a brick.
Your $10 monthly donation builds homes and brighter futures for vulnerable families.

We’re on a mission to recruit 100 new Buy A Brick donors at $10/month by October 2nd – World Habitat Day. Give your tax-deductible donation with confidence knowing that 100% of Buy A Brick donations go to providing home for the most vulnerable.

Every brick is needed.

Every $10 builds hope.

1.6 billion people around the world do not have proper housing, but we believe that, together, we can change the statistics.

We partner with local leaders in developing nations to identify the most vulnerable families and provide them with safe, secure homes.

Your $10 monthly donation is like a subscription that builds the world you want to live in by providing the most vulnerable with hope, home, and a brighter future.

we can build a world where every family has a home.

100 people buying a brick at $10 a month can fund a new home every single year.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve come to firmly believe that together we can do more. Your $10 monthly donation buys a brick every month. Together, we build homes.

This World Habitat Day, help change the statistics.

Give $10 a month.

“Knowing that we are able to pass on surplus raised funds directly to TTH for specific distribution means so much… because we know that the diligence of TTH is without question. The money goes EXACTLY where it’s meant to.”

– Phil, donor and home build volunteer

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