We Need Fathers and Francisco Is One

The day we walked into Francisco’s house his prayer was for more rooms to accommodate his grandkids. When their parents, Francisco’s children, died of AIDS, this tender hearted grandfather had no choice but to take them in, even though his small house lacked adequate space.


The four of us prayed for Francisco that day. God was already at work, stirring hearts to bring HOPE to Francisco and his family. We had no idea how much he had been trying to make his own dream a reality. The family was going without meat so that they could save money to build.

Can you imagine Francisco’s surprise when we delivered the news that God had provided for him?

As a pastor and pillar of his community, it was no surprise that the adding on to Francisco’s HOME brought his neighbors together. Young Joshua came every day to “help.” Little hands can sometimes slow work down, but Joshua’s presence was welcomed with open arms, as if they were a part of the process and not a hindrance.

At quitting time, Francisco would continue working. He wasn’t expecting a hand out. No, this was his dream, and he wanted to invest in it with his own hands.

When we put forth effort, God sees. God saw Francisco and his efforts. Sometimes HOPE is about just giving an extra boost to what we are already doing. Sometimes HOPE is just coming alongside with our few resources and saying, “Let me help you the rest of the way.”

Sometimes HOPE is simple, and if we’re not careful, we can miss the opportunity to be a part of it. Francisco received physical walls but more than that, his heart became even fuller of HOPE, giving this family the opportunity to experience HOME in a way they haven’t been able to before.

Welcome HOME Francisco, Antonnette, Excellent, and Prayer!

Special thanks to New Hope Christian Church for your donation for the addition onto Francisco’s house!

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