The Impact of COVID-19 on Kids Globally

I haven’t been inside a building since March 16th.

These were the words uttered by one Texas teen recently. Shelter in place orders and lockdowns have dramatically changed our way of doing life. Some kids have moved to online learning while others don’t have schools that can provide that service. Introvert kids may love being able to stay at home while extrovert kids are struggling at the lack of social interaction. In one swift moment, COVID-19 has changed everything and yet united us globally as we fight this together.

Countries all over the world have fought against this virus in various ways. In South Africa, President Ramaphosa issued a 21 day lockdown on March 26th and then extended it to 35 days as he jokingly said, “Yes, I said [the lockdown would end on] 16th April, but I didn’t say which year.” Read how one South African teen is coping with this lockdown and what he’s doing to pass the time.

How long have you been in lockdown?

21 days

Are you able to do school while on lockdown?


Note: Schools in African communities don’t have the resources for online learning, so these kids are waiting patiently until they can return to school.

What kinds of things do you do during the day?

I study, play Monopoly or Wii, sleep. I also take a walk sometimes.

How are you feeling these days?

I miss school a lot.

Do you have something to say to kids on the other side of the world?

Be safe. Stay at home and always wash your hands. Spend time with your family.

This global pandemic is greatly affecting kids all over the world. Today, parents, hug your kids a little tighter, take them for a drive to get out of the house, play an extra game of Monopoly, and most of all, enjoy this time with them.

Then you can watch to see how Macbeth is faring in Monopoly.