The Impact of Building A Home :: From The Eyes of Kids

When we built Jane’s home in April of 2018, people came from all over to help with the construction. One family from Switzerland spent several months with us and were on the ground during the time of the house build. At the time of construction, Laura, age 8, Irina, age 7, and Elio, age 5 all helped to build Jane’s house. Check out this interview from their eyes on how that experience impacted their lives.

Why did you want to help build Jane’s house?

Laura: This was part of our ministry.

Irina: I like this type of work.

Elio: It’s cool, and it’s good for them to have a nice house.

What kind of work did you do on the house? Was it difficult?

Laura: I did different things. The wheelbarrow full of stones was very heavy and difficult to carry. Digging was easier.

Irina: I did help carry bricks. This required lots of effort.

Elio: Carrying bricks was exhausting.

How did it make you feel to be a part of working to build Jane a home?

Laura: It felt good to build a nice house for Jane.

Irina: I felt good, because I like to help people.

Elio: It’s a good feeling when you can help to improve somebody’s living situation.

Would you do it again?

Laura: Yes, it was nice to see Jane smiling at the end.

Irina: Yes, I like this.

Elio: Yes, it’s fun.

Martin and Silvana, Laura, Irina, and Elio’s parents said this about the experience of their kids helping to build Jane’s home…

I think our kids just love to help. They love to be part of a team and doing something together, especially if it’s practical work. It was a bit shocking for them to see Jane’s old house. They could not imagine a family living in a house like this. By helping to build a new house, they realized not all people live in houses like we have. To build a new, nice, and good house for Jane warmed their heart. Even if they did not really help a lot, they felt very important. Their feeling was that the house could not have been built without their help. It was great that the team let them help, even if they did slow down the work.

We were thrilled to have these young hands helping with the construction of Jane’s house. The impact these kinds of experiences have on children are far greater than we can imagine. To be involved, no matter your age(!), in the construction of a home for the most vulnerable, visit here!