Sewing with the Thread of Hope

Anneke Price, TTH staff member, is pioneering SowSew, a project to build hope through providing a creative outlet and marketable skill for local community members. Gloria, a long-time friend to TTH, is thriving as she learns to sew alongside Anneke. Last week, hope broke through in a way we never expected. A ministry and passion unfolded in Gloria with a sewing machine and a 10-year old girl named Nandi. When staff members asked Gloria if she would be interested in working with Nandi, she shared that Nandi had knocked on Gloria’s door late at night two years ago looking for a place to sleep after she ran away from home. The police dismissed Gloria’s call, saying she always runs away. That night, God told Gloria she would help this girl. Gloria never knew how until she was invited to teach Nandi to sew. We believe that Nandi will not have to run away anymore as she becomes the center of positive attention with a role model from her own culture. Gloria’s looking forward to the difference she can make in Nandi’s life and is already dreaming about the potential to impact many more girls in the future.

Anneke’s faithfulness in the value of imparting her skills, and Gloria’s diligence in believing what God says is providing an outlet for God to transform lives. When our hearts and hands align with God, we all have something to give that has the power to change a life. Whether your sphere of influence is in your home, your family, at church, at work or in art, use the authority God has given you this week to impart a practical skill. Ask God to birth hope and transformation through it. Pray for Gloria and Nandi’s developing relationship this week, as well as the funds needed to complete the SowSew training area at University Village so the ministry can expand.