Our Response to COVID-19

Your inbox, like mine, has likely been flooded with emails regarding COVID-19. Rightfully so. We are in crazy times that most of us thought we would never see or experience in our lifetime. As we navigate these uncharted waters from the isolation of our homes, we want you to know how Ten Thousand Homes is responding to this pandemic and how you can be a part. 

1. Prayer.
We work in countries and with people who have compromised immune systems. In communities where hygiene and sanitation are difficult, TB, HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses run rampant. COVID-19 entering these communities would prove to be catastrophic. Please pray for the most vulnerable in these areas that this virus would be stopped and for cultural understanding on how to practice social distancing. Please also pray for health for our staff who are working in these areas.

2. Generosity.
We have always sought to provide hope and home to the most vulnerable and feel challenged, especially in this time, to continue to do this. The elderly and orphans and vulnerable children continue to be at the top of our priority list. Let’s all practice generosity by giving of our time and resources to see that the least of these in our communities and all over the world are taken care of. 

What are we specifically doing?

Although we don’t choose to operate in fear, we will and continue to use wisdom to stop the spread and honor what governments are asking everyone to do. As of right now, our feeding programs have been cancelled. As this puts added stress to the issue of hunger, we are delivering raw food parcels to kids in our programs as well as seeking out ways we can partner with local organizations to help deliver needed items. Our top priority continues to be the safety of everyone while making sure kids have the nutrition they need for a healthy immune system.  

Africa is no stranger to pandemic. We have been encouraged at the government’s swift response in the countries we work in to flatten the curve and contain the spread. At the time of writing this, here is a timeline of reported COVID-19 cases in countries that Ten Thousand Homes is currently working in.

South Africa 
First reported case on March 5. Today there’s over 400 cases.

First reported case on March 13. Today there’s 15 reported cases.

There’s one reported case.

In this time of crisis, let’s respond with unity and solidarity, coming together to take care of the “least of these.” Thank you for standing with us, praying for and practicing generosity to take care of each other.