One Mother’s Dreams For Her Kids || a day in the life

Learn Abigail’s story, mother of Nothando, Ozzy, and Thuba, who participate in the After School Program.

by Cintia Roberta Potelecki

Abigail is a single mother. At 36, she works from Wednesday to Sunday in Nelspruit, a neighboring town about 32 km from Embonisweni, where she lives alone with her three children – Nothando, Ozzy, and Thuba. While she’s working, the oldest daughter, Nothando, 17, is responsible for taking care of the house and her younger brothers, Ozzy and Thuba, 8 and 4 years old. When we asked about the greatest happiness Abigail has in her life, she didn’t hesitate. “The greatest happiness of my life is my children.”

Abigail’s three children study in the morning at a school about 2 km from their home. During the week, there are two special days for the family: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Everyone has a favorite day of the week. For these kids, it’s Tuesdays and Thursdays, because they get to participate in the After School Program and receive a hot, nutritious meal.

“On the eve of the project, the children are happy and very excited, because many of them have nothing to eat at home, and the program meets part of that need,” says Abigail, who found out about the After School Program through Swazi and Lennon, staff at uVillage South Africa.

Even in the face of the difficulty and challenge of caring for her three children alone, Abigail has dreams for them. “I don’t know what they’ll face in their life, but I dream that they’ll graduate from college and that Nothando will marry,” she says as her daughter smiles and continues watching the interview from the living room couch. The family doesn’t usually leave the house, but they’re always together, even if watching TV.

At the end of our conversation, we asked Abigail to say what comes to her mind when we speak a few words.

Dream: My own home

Peace: Friends

Happiness: Kids

Rest: Me

Provision: My family

Family: Peace

Courage: For myself

Gratitude: God

This #GivingTuesday, not only will you be providing meals for kids like Nothando, Ozzy, and Thuba through your giving, but you will also be helping mothers like Abigail fulfill the dreams they have for her children.

You can be a part of the After School Program from anywhere in the world.

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