Mona’s Story

I stayed with Ten Thousand Homes for a month in 2010. Before I arrived there I was nervous and had so many questions in my mind. Will they like me? Will I get homesick? What will they say when I am tell them that I am struggling with God and religion? What about the kids? Do they speak my language, or at least English?

I didn’t get homesick because I felt at home. I’ve never had such a warm welcome and so many wonderful people around me. What did they say about my religious problem? Nothing! I was honest and they understood me. They told me that God has a plan and He has a reason for bringing me to South Africa. They were right. I prayed with the staff and we talked together about the Bible in the evenings.

The days were great. I had private talks with staff members when I needed it. There were milkshake and coffee dates and as much fun as you can have, dance parties included. The work with the kids was the best. You can see the thankfulness in their pretty eyes. I can not imagine that they don’t like someone. Some of them didn’t speak my language or English, but I learned that these are just words. The strongest bond is not speaking, it is the language of love. The children were completely happy when you just sit down with them, hug them, or let them nap by you. It was wonderful to see the strong faith of these needy children. They believe in God and in His endless love even if they don’t have food, clothes, or parents. They didn’t give up, so why should I?

To sum it up, I didn’t feel like I came to help the children. I feel like they helped me. I am so thankful that God led my way to Ten Thousand Homes to bring me closer to Him and to experience His endless love.