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You may have seen our faces across social media, but we figured it was about time that we officially introduced ourselves. We compiled a list of questions and set out to interview each of our staff members, and also asked each to write why they are involved with Ten Thousand Homes. Some questions are serious, some are random, and some are crazy – so please enjoy!


Jennifer Price


Staff since 2005 – Director of TTH, Reverie Guesthouse Director

Describe yourself in 3 words: Hard-working. Perfectionist. Caring.

How would you describe the TTH family to a newcomer? I would say the TTH family is very welcoming. I think we work really hard to create a family atmosphere around here. So when new people come, we’re really good at welcoming them in. I think it’s a culture of pursuing growth in our lives, and pursuing relationship with each other. We’re people that want to make a difference in South Africa and the world.

What inspires you? I think creativity inspires me. Like when I see something creative, it makes me want to create something. People that are following Jesus inspire me and make me want to grow. Jesus inspires me. I mean he gave so much, and just a great example of generosity. My husband inspires me to dream bigger and think beyond what my brain sees right in front of me. He’s always inspiring me to go further.


Jeremy Price


Staff since 2005TTH USA Director

Describe yourself in 3 words: Dreamer. Believer. Amateur Chef. That’s four words, sorry.

What is generosity to you? We all need to be sharing, otherwise we live in isolation. Generosity is giving of what you have to others. It’s caring about others so much that you have to be a part of their lives.

What’s one of your favorite childhood memories? When I was in fifth grade we confiscated this old abandoned house, and we went and found furniture in dumpsters and Christmas lights. We snuck an extension cord over 200 yards to these other peoples’ house. We decorated the whole inside of the house and made it ours. On our bicycles and our red wagons behind it we would carry furniture down the street until we got the place decorated.


Jared Harrington


Staff since 2014 – ASP Director, Leadership team, Pool Manager

Describe yourself in 3 words: Quiet. Outgoing. Thoughtful.

How would you describe the TTH family to a newcomer? We’re a group of people from all over. We have different talents and different skills. Somehow we all come together and enjoy each other’s company and grow together. We’re a small community that has the same heart, yet we’re all so different. It’s awesome.

If you could be president of South Africa for a day, what would you do? I would create a parade for people to come and just celebrate. And America? Same thing. Just celebrate.


Nontobeko Harrington

South Africa

Staff since 2016 – Community team

Describe yourself in 3 words: Go-getter. Sassy. Fashionista.

What is generosity to you? Giving something out of your heart.

What’s your favorite part about your culture? It’s the food, the outfits, just being a Zulu girl. Being Zulu is what I love. I’m just proud of being Zulu, even the dancing. Hello, we rule South Africa!


Patricia Laura


Staff since 2014 – CSP Coordinator, Accounting, Social Enterprise Team

Describe yourself in 3 words: Loyal. Funny. Hard-working.

What is generosity to you? I think it’s doing something kind, selfless to someone, no matter who they are or the situation you are in. You just see the opportunity that somebody is in need, and you do something to help. It can be washing dishes, or taking them to town, or spending time to listen to them. It’s something you don’t plan, you just do it.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I haven’t decided yet. I’m still looking for ideas. I’ve started asking kids this question so I can get more ideas. Maybe I’ll be an astronaut.


Mzwandile Ndlovu

South Africa

Staff since 2013 – Media team, Leadership team, Volunteer Coordinator, DTS Leader

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun. Opportunist. Passionate.

What is generosity to you? For me it’s giving without holding back- whatever that I have.

What’s an irrational fear you have? I’m afraid of crashing into something. When I’m in a car or somewhere high.


Phoebe Giffey-Brohaugh


Staff since 2015 – Media team, Volunteer Coordinator, Social Enterprise Team, uVillage Librarian

Describe yourself in 3 words (or 6): Understanding. Amateur Home-Grower. Joyful. Artist.

What is generosity to you? Generosity is looking at what you have, and what somebody else has, and asking, “How can I help?” It’s not asking, “What can I get rid of, how can I declutter,” but asking “What is my neighbor in need of, and how can I give that to them?”

If time travel was possible, what time period would you travel to and why? Well, the future scares me, because who knows what’s gonna happen. But also, the past scares me because a lot of terrible things have happened in our history. But I would love to travel to a time where people were discovering new places around the world for the first time. Whether that’s at the beginning of time or more recently. But I wouldn’t take over someone’s land or do terrible things like that, I would just want to be a part of the adventure of it.


Sam Thabethe

South Africa

Staff since 2013 – Grounds Maintenance, Construction

Describe yourself in a few words: Funny. I like to talk a lot. I like to smile.

How would you describe the TTH family? We are so funny. Really friendly people.

What’s something you want to accomplish in your lifetime? I was born into a poor family. So before I die, if I have the money, I want to build a place where kids can come to learn life-skills. Like carpentry, sewing, etc. so they can have something for their future.


Rebekah Ness


Staff since 2017 – Media team, Hospitality

Describe yourself in 3 words: Adventurous. Photographer. And I love people.

What is generosity to you? Generosity to me is willingly giving of what I have, not necessarily even when it’s comfortable, but with joy and not expecting anything in return. I know how God has showed generosity to me, and so it’s an overflow of that.

What’s another one of your favorite non-profits? Bridge of Hope in St. Louis, Missouri. They work with people in the inner city, and they have a really cool focus. They help with education, they have meals, they have have places for people to hang out – they’ve created a home environment. I was down there for three weeks in 2016 doing a photography documentary project with them.


Lennon Malambe

South Africa

Staff since 2010 – Community team

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun. Loving. Supportive.

How would you describe the TTH family to a newcomer? We are crazy. We are a family who understands one another and wants to give one another the opportunity to rise.

If you could go back in time, what’s something you would tell your younger self? Live by the moment, that’s what I would do.


Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!


Don’t worry, even attractive human beings such as ourselves have blooper-worthy images from time to time…

staff interviews by Phoebe Giffey-Brohaugh

photography by Rebekah Ness

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