Keep Smiling Michael!

The house was big enough for the family but in no way safe for those living inside. Sometimes HOME is not about building from the ground up but ensuring the precious cargo inside is safe. That’s exactly what Michael and his family needed, a sense of security protecting them from rain and unwanted intruders.

Frequently, the family would leave for an outing, only to return and find that people had broken in and stolen their food and belongings. For Michael, the 22 year old head of the household, the stress was becoming too much. Trying to provide for his two brothers, two sisters, a cousin and her baby was enough on his plate but then dealing with the frustration of repeated beak-ins, well, it’s enough to wipe the smile off your face.

But Michael kept smiling…

…even though he never knew his dad.

…even though his mom is a drunk and he hasn’t seen her for almost a year.

…even though the injustice of theft keep repeating itself.

He smiled with pride when he showed us his driver license, an accomplishment that’s no small feat for an African.

He smiled when he saw a new roof and security bars and doors being fitted to his house.

He smiled when a toilet was built for his family.

He smiled when fresh COLOR was being painted on his walls.

He smiled, because there was, there is, HOPE.

Michael is currently training to be a welder. His biggest dream is to have a job and for peace for his family. Please pray for Michael, his two brothers, Sfiso and Mthabika, his two sisters, Cindy and Nomzomo, and his cousin, Nomcebo, and her baby, Mora. Pray for Michael’s peace of mind and the stress he faces of being the head of the household and provider. Pray for his siblings and cousin in their studies. In a system that struggles to really teach kids in their academics, they are struggling to pass to the next grade level. January is a new school year and a new beginning for these kids!

Special thanks to New Hope Christian Church for your donation to provide security, a new roof, and improved electrical to Michael’s HOME.