149 million children worldwide have stunted growth due to malnutrition. 

9 out of 10 of us
can do something about that.

Our after school programs are a space for kids to come and receive a hot, nutritious meal so that they can learn, grow, and dream together.



you can make a difference and be a part of providing nutritious meals to kids!

20,000 meals
That’s only $0.50 a meal!


Here’s what you can do

1. fundraise

It only takes a few minutes to launch your very own fundraiser! The link below will take you to our partner, Pure Charity. Set up a free account then start a fundraiser that will be directly connected to our Giving Tuesday campaign. Invite your friends to buy a child’s meal for a month. That’s only $15!


2. give

In this season of generosity, join us in being the frontrunners of creating a culture that gives of our time, our money, and our heart. Generosity is no holding back or second guessing so don’t think twice about giving, whether it’s a compliment, a donation, or your help.


3. Share

Spread the word. Put your platform to work making a difference in the fight against malnutrition. The link below will take you to the TTH FaceBook page. Tag, link or whatever else you fancy. Find us on Twitter and Instagram @tthofficial


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