A meal costs $0.50.
We are committed to providing 80,000 nutritious meals for vulnerable kids and families in 2024. Join us in funding these meals as we raise $40,000 by December 31st!
Meet some of the kids your donation impacts.

It’s not just a plate of food.

It’s brighter futures.

Here’s what others are saying:

“I love that TTH’s feeding programs help give children a much-needed meal. Providing children with a nourishing meal not only strengthens them physically but also enhances their concentration at school, ultimately helping to break the cycle of poverty.”

– Brigette, feeding program donor

How is my donation used?

Your feeding program donation is used to provide nutritious meals for vulnerable children and families. Every $0.50 you give will provide at least one meal. We want you to see where your donation goes, and will send you quarterly reports throughout 2024 that show the impact of your investment.

Ten Thousand Homes partners with local leaders in developing nations to identify and support the most vulnerable of their communities. These leaders provide practical and relational support in a way that best serves the unique needs of their community. When it comes to nutrition, some of our partners run after school feeding programs, others serve meals in their community on the weekend, and still others deliver food parcels directly to families in desperate situations.

But the impact of your donation doesn’t stop with a plate of food. Proper nutrition allows kids to focus on their education, opens doors to job options for parents, and provides more opportunities for families to thrive. Your generosity builds brighter futures!

Don’t wait! Give meals and build hope.

$50 = 100 meals
$100 = 200 meals
$250 = 500 meals

“Donating to Ten Thousand Homes’ Feeding Program is a way to honor my late father-in-law, who devoted his life to educating and mentoring teenagers from low-income areas. He understood how important having a stable home life and nutrition is, not only for learning but also for developing into a kind and thoughtful human being. This is my small way to help his legacy live.”

– Olivia, feeding program donor

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