Want to make a difference and lead a movement of HOPE?

You can make a practical impact by starting a fundraiser to support a project at Ten Thousand Homes! It’s quite easy – just 3 simple steps:

1. Choose your fundraiser

Click on an option below to choose what type of fundraiser you would like to set up (donate your birthday, run a marathon, host an event, etc.)

2. Set up your account

After you click on an option, you will be redirected to our partner site, Pure Charity, and asked to set up an account (it will take less than a minute!).

3. Customize it

Once you’ve finished setting up your account, you will be directed to a dashboard where you can add your own personal touches to the campaign and begin inviting your friends to join you!


Fundraising Tips

Ideas to get started

1. As a campaign manager (yup, you get a fancy title and everything), you have the amazing opportunity to gather and lead a tribe. Don’t underestimate the power of your personal story! Tell people why Ten Thousand Homes is your non-profit of choice to fundraise for.

2. Try asking for specific donation amounts. If you ask for $25 donations, you are much more likely to get $25 donations instead of $5 or $10.

3. Be the first to give to your campaign. You are the leader, and giving your campaign a little boost with a donation (even $20 is a great start!) will encourage those you are asking for donations from.

4. HAVE FUN! You are gonna rock this!


Use Social Media

1. Social media is a very effective communication tool, so sharing your fundraiser on social media will give you a great sharing platform!

2. Highlight milestones. Did your fundraiser reach 25%? Way to go! Share it on social media and make sure to link back to your fundraising page to get more people involved.

3. Instead of continuously asking for donations, mix things up. Give public shout-outs to those who are helping you make a difference. Everyone loves being acknowledged and appreciated!

4. Try using photos, videos, and graphics to engage your audience. They don’t have to be fancy – but even a small effort can make a big impact.

Have questions? We are here to help!



How will you make a difference?

Fundraise by Activity

All activity-based fundraisers, by default, will go to the Ten Thousand Homes general fund and will be directed towards the department/project that is in most need of it. To fundraise for a specific project, just scroll down!

Pledge your Birthday

Ideas: You can use your age as a key number (encourage people to donate $35 for your 35th, for example), host an event, share on social media, or come up with some creative way to give away your birthday to make a lasting impact!

Donate Your Birthday

Get Active

Ideas: Run a race, do a triathlon or marathon, climb a mountain, bike across the country – or pick your own active challenge! Try asking people to sponsor you based on a key number (for example, $25 donations if you are doing a 25 mile race).

Run a Race

Be Creative

Have your own great fundraising idea? A lemonade stand, hosting an event, going without something for a month (or a year if you are really feeling dedicated), doing something crazy…whatever it may be, go for it!

Be Creative

Fundraise for a Project

Choose a specific Ten Thousand Homes project that you would like to fundraise for.

After School Program

Project: The After School Programs are a big part of what we do at Ten Thousand Homes. You can make a difference by fundraising which will help provide meals, activities, transportation to the programs, as well as investment in the local women who help run these programs.

After School Program

The Pads Project

Project: The Pads Project is a TTH project that helps provide sanitary pads for girls who otherwise may not have access to them, and as a result miss out on days of school. But you can help change that. Fundraise to provide sanitary pads for girls and empower them to pursue their education!

Empower Girls

Build a Home

Project: Build a home! We have teams from around the world that come to build homes, but in order to build we also need the materials to do so. You don’t have to come to South Africa to make a difference – you can fundraise right where you are and play a vital role in building a home!

Build a Home

Not ready to start a fundraiser but want to give? Donate to a project!

Find a Fundraiser

Want to support a fundraiser that someone else created? Discover active fundraisers below!

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