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Ten Thousand Homes & uVillage Staff Positions

Property Manager

Description: We have a beautiful property set on 12 hectares of land. It has scenic views that overlook the valley. Our Welcome Home sign is the heartbeat of what we want people to feel as soon as they arrive…home. We run training programs on our plot, a guesthouse business, and our yearly Day of Royalty event (which is basically like Disneyland for the kids in our After School Programs). Our full-time staff live here and we also house teams and short-termers from all over the world that come to volunteer with our programs.
Skill Set: We need someone who is good with organization and can see the big picture. This job would involve managing the development of this property. There is much vision for classrooms, more office space, expanding the guesthouse, and development of more staff housing. It would also involve the maintenance that comes with having a large property and the vision and know how to bring improvements and maintain the beauty of the place.
Location: White River, South Africa

Head of Hospitality

Description: We love hosting people, and we get lots throughout the year! We have to feed and house these people which is where this job comes in! Hospitality involves our kitchen and housekeeping, two things that make for a great stay for our guests.
Skill Set: This job would include managing our kitchen and housekeeping services. Currently we run a kitchen when we have teams. We need someone who is good with organizing meals and can stay within a strict budget. It also includes managing the housekeeping side of things, keeping track of when we have guests and making sure they have a clean bed to lay their head and clean bathrooms. This involves a level of excellence as high standards are expected in both of these areas.
Location: White River, South Africa

Anyone willing to serve!

Description: When your desire is to simply serve where the need is, there’s a job for you. We need people who want to make an impact and just want to serve. We run After School Programs for orphans and vulnerable children, offer training opportunities, dabble in social enterprise initiatives, and maintain a large property. From mowing grass to loving on babies, even the small jobs are part of the bigger picture of bringing HOPE and HOME. Come join us!
Skill Set: All you need is a desire to impact Africa and the willingness to do whatever it takes!
Location: White River, South Africa
If you are interested in joining our staff team, please email us for further details!
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