Thank you. You built a home and a future for Felicia and her family. Check out your impact below!



Meet Felicia

Felicia is a single mother of two children – a teenage boy and a young girl. She first got connected with Ten Thousand Homes through a feeding program in her community when she was just a teenager herself. She has now been involved with Ten Thousand Homes for many years – volunteering at feeding programs, completing a discipleship school, and serving alongside our local team in South Africa.
She’s a loving mother who wants to see her children thrive. Recently, she began the journey of engaging a new season for her family, a move that presented the need for a place that they could call their own. One prayer of hers for this new chapter was a safe, secure home where her family could grow and thrive. This prayer was answered through your generosity.
Not only have you provided a safe home, but you have also released Felicia to pursue starting a business – a dream that she has carried in her heart for many years. The impact of a home goes so much further than just four walls and a roof. It empowers single mothers like Felicia to provide for their families, with the assurance that their family is safe. Thank you for building brighter futures!

Location: Dwaleni, South Africa

Explore the map below to see the area where the home was built! Please note that this map highlights the township – it does not show the exact location in order to protect the privacy of the family.

Photo Gallery

Thank you for providing a safe home for Felicia and her family!

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