Dreams Become Reality

In the beginning of Ten Thousand Homes, as I would imagine with any ambitious endeavor, there was a desire to “make today count.” As we jumped off the cliff, so to speak, we were living as though this was our only shot. It was great, and our passion for making an immediate difference grew. As it grew, we found ourselves with an equally passionate desire, to “make tomorrow count.”

As we worked with the young, meeting the immediate needs of food, shelter, education, love; we saw a solution for tomorrow. Better yet, we saw a hope, and we were faced with the challenge of how to empower the youth and young to change their villages, their nation, their world? How do we put them on our shoulders that they might see further and go further than we ever can?

We dove in full of vision and quickly found out that investing in tomorrow is not easy. It doesn’t happen as quickly as building a house or drilling a well. It takes time, failure, and heartache. But if you don’t give up, tomorrow be-comes today and you begin to see dreams become reality. December 11, 2014 was one of those days we saw one such dream become reality. We sent a team from Ten Thousand Homes uVillage off the continent of Africa. Lead by a young man named Mzwandile Ndlovu also known as Swazi, this team of world changers served the poor of Africa.


We met Swazi years ago while building a house in his small community. Over the years, we saw him grow and come up through the ranks of our feeding and after school programs to working with TTH uVillage training team. He is now developing a new school called Aspire Discipleship School of Artists and Entrepreneurs. Swazi and many others are the future, and the future is now. To find out more about ASPIRE check out their new Facebook page and watch this promo!