An Old Friend Becomes a New Creation!

Ten Thousand Homes staff member, Carla Shaw became friends quickly with Ncobile 2 ½ years ago after climbing up a mountainside to meet this single mom, who had just delivered a baby alone in her unfurnished shack. Carla and Ncobile have been pressing into God’s word together for the last two years. God’s word has been constantly in Ncobile’s heart and on her lips. Ncobile lost her home to a fire in 2011, and her first response was professing from Psalm 23 that the Lord is her shepherd and she shall not want. After long workdays, Ncobile climbs up the side of a mountain with her two young children, and fills her neighbors ears with God’s word and the lessons she’s learned from Carla. Recently at University Village, Carla had the honor of baptizing Ncobile as she publicly professed her faith in front of staff and friends. Ncobile rose from the water with joy as a new creation with an unstoppable passion to make Him known.

The power of speaking out God’s word has transformed Ncobile and become a contagious force around her. She stays strong, although her circumstances remain difficult. Pray for Ncobile’s continued strength this week as you exercise yours. In a moment of discomfort or hardship this week, let your response be to speak out a truth or promise of God. For example, if you experience a loss or unmet need, speak out the same Psalm Ncobile did; “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” It will take practice for His Word to be on your lips in the hardest moments, so start practicing now!

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