10k Talks: Conversations Inspire Change

One of the first steps in creating change is talking about the obstacles that are in your way.

The Media Department at TTH has the privilege of documenting and tracking stories of impact and transformation. So often we see hope win in the long-run. We see children growing up to be leaders of their communities. We see the vulnerable finding safety in shelter and in home. We see people from all over the world committing to a life of service and transformation. We have seen lost and hopeless people find their identity because they belong.

But sometimes we also are witnesses to obstacles. Hope has been a binding thread, a theme, throughout our stories. Sometimes woven throughout those stories are also harsh, difficult realities to face and overcome. Yes, hope wins. And yes, there will always be present struggles. In some way, both of those threads are paradoxically woven throughout every single person’s story.

Something we’ve realized about this privilege of witnessing and relaying stories is that we can inspire action and change, so we got to thinking, “What if we could discuss some of these common threads of obstacles? What if we told stories of our struggles that didn’t relay hopelessness but brought people together because they found common ground? What if we shared our stories of pain and tragedy in order to build resilience and courage?” We believe we’re onto something.

The more people join the conversation, the more we’ll be able to understand how to overcome these obstacles.

Recently we’ve noticed a rather large obstacle: Violence. No matter what culture or background, progress is being held back by violence. Whether it’s acknowledged or not, it’s a vicious cycle that is hard for many to leave behind. In one way or another, our cultures and our upbringings help to construct the ordinariness of violence.

And so we’ve decided to talk about it! Over the next month, we will be publishing some interesting pieces about how the Ten Thousand Homes family has seen violence negatively impact their home communities. We’ll break down the stats, hear from partners of TTH from all over the globe, discuss how violence affects women vs. men, and much more.

Ultimately, we know incredible ideas and dreams are formed into action when we create discussion. So let’s talk!

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Article & Artwork by Phoebe Giffey-Brohaugh