Our uVillage campus – located in White River, South Africa – is a learning community with a passion and purpose to disciple, train, develop, and empower a generation to realize their potential and live a life of purpose, impacting every sphere of society with the Love of God.



We believe that this is our calling at it’s simplest form. We believe that disciples are learners who pursue a posture of teachability while recognizing our pursuit of Jesus is a daily process.


We provide quality training programs. Encouraging students to pursue excellence in all they do. 


Providing key opportunities for students to exercise their growth of skills and gifts, such as servant leadership and entrepreneurship.


We equip people to chase the dreams of God. Providing tools and resources that they may change, not only their nation, but the world with the love of God.

Current uVillage Programs

  • uVillage Discipleship Training School; 5-month on-site training. Learn more HERE

Past uVillage Programs

  • Aspire School of Artists and Entrepreneurs
  • Internship Program
  • Sewing classes
  • Carpentry classes
  • Growing God’s Way – gardening program
  • Tutoring

uVillage Facilities

  • Ten Thousand Homes office space
  • Library & resource center
  • Full kitchen
  • Classroom space
  • On-site volunteer housing
  • Dorm-style student housing
  • Village Store
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