Phoebe Giffey-Brohaugh


Adventurous artist, Phoebe, sprinkles some much needed wanderlust on everyone she meets. Adorned with an amalgamation of tribal tattoos, piercings and (once upon a time) a mane of lustrous dreads, Phoebe is an artist in body as well as mind. She comments; “My body, mind, and spirit are a canvas which I must paint with the colour of life.”

Born in the Montana wilderness, raised in Seattle and Wisconsin cheese country respectively she mad her first journey to Africa as just as a teenager.

Phoebe has an amazing ability to love people and find the best in everyone. She is also a great leader and influencer. In her time in South Africa she help pioneer a new school at uVillage called Aspire: for Artist and Entreprenuers. Phoebe is also the Founding Editor of the Ten Thousand Homes Storeys Magazine.