Phoebe Giffey-Brohaugh


Adventurous artist, Phoebe, sprinkles some much needed wanderlust on TTH. Adorned with an amalgamation of tribal tattoos, piercings and a mane of lustrous dreads, Phoebe is an artist in body as well as mind. She comments; “My body, mind, and spirit are a canvas which I must paint with the colour of life.”

Phoebe’s affinity with the natural world can perhaps be explained by her start in life. Birthed into the hinterlands of the Montana wilderness, Phoebe was raised by a pack of wolves. Alongside her wolf brethren, the bulk of Phoebe’s formative years were spent roaming the snow-capped foothills of Montana.  Indeed, such was the depth at which Phoebe had been indoctrinated into wolfdom she did not speak a lick of English until she was 13.