Jared Harrington

Unlike the majority of TTH’s American contingent, gentle giant Jared is not a gun toting, rootin’ tootin’ southerner. Jared, or ‘JROD,’ is from Michigan and joined our family full-time in 2014 after completing a Season of Service and Discipleship Training School.  Since joining us permanently, Jared has slotted seamlessly into the TTH Community Development team. His ever increasing involvement in the planning and execution of our various After School Programmes is reflected by the introduction of a Tutoring class to our programme in Embonisweni. Now a mandatory feature of the ASP, this Tutoring facet was the brainchild of our man from Michigan who oversaw its development from idea into reality. Unusually, Jared is both a chronic sleep walker and talker. If ever you find yourself bedding down in the guys’ bedchamber and hear a bout of crazed laughter emanating from the corner of the room, fear not. This is not a manifestation of the spirit. It is simply Jared enjoying a particularly exciting night time fantasy.