In building a house, we are providing safety and security for the most vulnerable. Proper doors, windows, roofs, and locks gives a foundation not only for a place to live but for a bright future ahead.

Why Homes?

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Community Centres

For our feeding programs, after school programs, sports clubs, and tutoring, we use community centers. Built in a central location in each community, our care centers provide a safe haven for kids to learn, grow and play.

Water Wells

Building wells provides clean and accessible water to entire communities that are in desperate need.


After School Program

At the After School Program, we promote educational and social development through tutoring, sports, games, and Christian Bible lessons. We also ensure that each child is fed with a nutritious meal to help them grow. It is a time when we can pour into these children’s lives and encourage them to think, grow, and dream. The After School Programs also help us identify the most needy which aids our child sponsorship program.

Feeding Program

Through our feeding programs, we insure that children get the nutritious meals they need to help them grow.  Around 2100 meals are served each week to vulnerable children.

Leadership development 

Empowering local people who are working to be a positive impact in their communities is at the heart of Ten Thousand Homes. If we want to bring real and lasting change we must support the community in caring for the most valuable, the children. By working alongside the local leaders in the communities, we are not only providing care for the children but for the carers as well. This can look like women’s small groups and retreats, one-on-one mentoring, leadership workshops as well as simple commitment and encouragement.

Child Sponsorship Program

The vision of our child sponsorship program is to strengthen the children, youth, and their families by utilizing resources in support of basic needs so they can be equipped and empowered within their family units to plan for a brighter future.

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Saturday Kids Club

In many of the communities where we work, one meal a day if that, is hard to come by. Saturday Kids Clubs provide an extra day of the week where children can receive a nutritious meal as well as fun activities all within a safe and fun environment. It IS more than just a meal!



uVillage is a learning community with a passion and purpose to train, develop, and empower a generation of world changers.



Aspire is a Christian discipleship school for artists and entrepreneurs. Through Aspire we help these creative thinkers take risks and aspire to change the world through their God given talents.

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This is no ordinary internship. Rather than hole punching papers, filing documents, or making coffee, our internship provides a place for ambitious and courageous people who are passionate about using their gifts and talents on a global scale. This 10 month program will help you gain valuable experience working alongside (not for) the staff of Ten Thousand Homes. While gaining hands-on experience, you will be learning more about God and yourself, as well as making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable of our world.

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