When we stumble into a dark room, our automatic impulse is to flip the switch.
Why? A lit room invokes feelings of comfort, safety, and belonging…those same feelings go into creating a sense of home.
At Ten Thousand Homes, our aim is to create home across all aspects of what we do…after school programs, training schools, every single guest that walks onto uVillage, and even our staff family.


We turn the lights on to create HOME, because everyone has value and deserves to belong.  
Keep the lights on is a campaign that’s as practical as it sounds.
In order to accomplish our mission and hold to our values of creating home, we need to see the glow from a bulb when the switch is flipped on.
By the end of this year, we need $100,000 to cover all of our overhead costs for 2016 and start 2017 in the black.
Light pierces through darkness. It doesn’t work in reverse. Darkness can’t pierce light. Be a part of piercing the darkness. By contributing your $5 or your $5000, you’re not just paying an electricity bill, you’re creating home for an army of kids and young adults that are changing the world.
$100,000 by December 31, 2016.
That’s $25,000 a month.
$6,250 a week.
$835 a day.
$35 an hour.
Let’s do this.
Flip the switch. Keep The Lights On.
Buy 100 Kilowatts


Donate $10

Buy 1000 Kilowatts


Donate $100

Buy 10,000 Kilowatts


Donate $1000

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